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OCTOBER 29, 2016 | 7:00 PM TO 1:00 AM

Be transported back in time to the early 1940s when the War Effort was in full swing. A reception for local soldiers back from the front is interrupted by the air raid siren and everyone needs to quickly make their way to the local bomb shelter. There, a party is in full swing with live entertainment, signature vintage cocktails and an upscale three-course mess hall supper! Company Jump, an Andrew Sisters tribute act, transports us to the White Cliffs of Dover and an eight-piece Big Band, the Johnny Summers Little Big Band, will get you up and dancing till dawn!

Join the effort and help us secure fundraising victory by bidding on one of fabulous auction items or by purchasing “war bonds”.  Funds raised support the Museum’s programs and services.


Tickets available at Scotiabank, $85/person or $160 per couple.

Only150 tickets are available. The 2015 Fall Museum Gala, the 1920s Speakeasy, sold out within two weeks.

Tickets go on sale beginning September 19. Get yours today!


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Company Jump is a comedic musical theatre production reviving the carefree simple joy of entertainment. Music of the original girl group, the Andrews sisters drive this upbeat, thoroughly engaging, USO-style show. Company Jump weaves brassy and seamless vocals with bold and physical choreography. In classic 1940’s fashion, Canadian trio, Nadine Tremblay, Andrea Isaak and Marie West combine Andrews sisters onstage antics with song, dance and swing dance. These gals are ALL stage presence- exuberant, exciting and a whole lot of sassy. Audience members are encouraged to be as raucous as G.I’s serving overseas during World War II would have been!

QUOTES from WWll veterans:
“Great job! Amazing show, very entertaining. It’s like I’m sitting on a ship in 1943. Thanks!”

“You know, I saw the Andrews Sisters several times in the 40’s, during and after the war. Those girls are just like the Andrews Sisters. It brought back so many good memories. I’ve been looking forward to the show ever since I saw it on your schedule this summer, and boy, I was NOT disappointed.”

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7 time Global Music Award Winner including Best Male Vocalist and Best Album

With flowing passion and soul, Johnny Summers, a Canadian, multi-talented musician, composer and arranger, is a performer of boundless ability and stage appeal. Versatility, distinction and excellence are foremost attributes, and his clever yet natural approach to both life and music offers a unique experience at every performance, and with every project.

Johnny has performed in Calgary and toured with a variety of musical groups, and is comfortable performing a range of musical styles including jazz, funk, R&B, fusion, choral, gospel, etc., in any number of ensembles ranging from solo and duo to Big Band and Orchestra.  Summers has released 5 album under his name.  He has won 7 Global Music Awards including Best Male Vocalist and Best Album and was nominated for an AMPIA Award for Best Original Musical Score for The Burlesque Assassins.

“Johnny Summers is a unique, multi-talented musician.  A dedicated jazz artist, gifted with a wonderful singing voice, he plays his bass instruments with passion and creativity on a very high level.
Guido Basso