The Roots of Brewing in Fernie

In celebration of the Fernie Brewing Company’s Cheers to Charity Program here’s a quick look brewery smallat the origins of brewing in Fernie. The Fernie Museum is the recipient of the proceeds of the Cheers program until February 13. Go have a paddle in the FBC tasting room, enjoy some awesome beer and support the Fernie Museum. Here’s an excerpt about the Fort Steele Brewing Company (the precursor of FBC) from the Free Press Souvenir Edition of 1902.

Fort Steele Brewing Company
The Fort Steele Brewing Company was first established at Fort Steele in 1898, but the marvellous growth of Fernie appealed to the proprietors, that they should remove tcheers to charitysmallheir headquarters to the metropolis of the coal district. Forthwith the enterprising owners, Messrs. Geo. Scott & A. Mutz in 1900 erected their large plant in Fernie just across Coal Creek. The brewery is one of the largest in British Columbia; in it is found every modern improvement for the production of lager beer and porter and the goods are being sold all over East Kootenay and Alberta. The building is 70×60 and three stories in height and presents an imposing appearance. The cooling plant was installed by the Buffalo Refrigerator Co. and does away with the use of ice. The water supply, an important matter to a brewery, is taken fresh and pure and in any quantity direct from the never failing springs of the Rocky Mountains. California and Canadian malts and Oregon hops are used by this company and it is no exaggeration to say that the goods manufactured by the Fort Steele Brewing Company are equal to any on the market. The company are building a large branch at Frank, Alta., which will supply the market of that district.


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