Indian Clubs: Let’s Get Physical

Aug 14, 2020 | Museum Collections


Home fitness is all the rage! And that means the Fernie Museum Historical Spa and Fitness Centre is bringing back the original functional exercise doohickey: the Indian Club! Yes, this oddly-shaped piece of wood has been keeping fitness buffs like Persian soldiers, Sikh strongmen and Queen Victoria in fighting shape for hundreds of years. It’s time to get physical!



Techno drum loops 128 bpm

By DJFroyd

Workhouse Inmates

Various authors for Cassell & Co. / Public domain

Typewriter Advertisement

Source: Clotho98/ Flickr

Indian Wrestler

Paratha Sarathi Sahana / CC BY (

“No really, You are Not Going to Regret This

Francis Hayman / Public domain

British Army c. 1900,c._1900)_DSCN2847.jpg

Sokoljan2 / CC BY-SA (

After Thomas Lawrence / Public domain

Donald Dinnie

Unidentified photographer / Public domain

photo: unknown; file: James Steakley / Public domain

photo: unknownscan: James Steakley / Public domain

Ipswich Indian Club team,_St_Paul%27s_Young_Men%27s_Club,_Ipswich,_1890s.jpg

Unknown author / Public domain

Club swinger, no. 1 / Indian club swinger / Early Edison camera tests / Newark athlete

William K. L. Dickson / Public domain- Cropped at beginning and End

Source: Library of Congress

Queen Victoria,_c.1870._(7936242480).jpg

National Media Museum from UK / No restrictions

Bowen Gymnastics Club Swinging,_ca._1913.jpg

See page for author / Public domain

Suffragettes with tartan sashes

LSE Library / No restrictions,_c.1908._(22302489623).jpg

Punch cartoon-Suffragette

Arthur Wallis Mills / Public domain

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